Monday, November 03, 2008

Introducing Flag Radio...

I've been a bad little blogger.

To the lovely Lynn of
Lynn's Cooking Blog, I can only apologise. And try to make slight amends...

Lynn has just embarked on an exciting new career as a food writer and broadcaster. She has a weekly slot on the newly-launched
Flag Radio, an internet-based radio station. Her first cookery slot was today, at lunch time, appropriately. And guess who her very first guest was?? Yes, it was me!

Lynn interviewed me earlier in the week - we had a great chat all about one of my very favourite topics: wine! We chatted about how I got started in the wine business, my favourite wine styles and food and wine matching. In particular, Lynn was interested in my tips for Christmas food and wine matching.

So - why am I such a bad blogger? Well... I neglected to tell you all about the interview in advance. Had I been more organised, I would have sent you over to in time for you to listen to Lynn's very first broadcast.

Anyway, if you are around next Monday at 3pm, then do tune into Flag Radio to hear Lynn's next cookery slot!

STOP PRESS: the interview will be repeated at 3pm this Friday! Do tune in, if you have a chance. If you miss it, you should be able to find a podcast of the interview on the website from next Monday.

Incidentally, in case you are wondering what relevance these photos have, I must tell you that they are photos from the vineyards of Bordeaux. I visited last month, just as harvest was beginning. The view over the vineyards from my hotel room was spectacular, especially at sunrise when the vineyards were misty and magical.


Loving Annie said...

Gorgeous vineyard photographs, and how fun for you to be the first guest on her show !

Trekkie said...

Did you not hear it? No worries, it'll be available as a podcast from next Monday.
(Mutual appreciation society time now...)Antonia was a great interviewee, and the only bit that I had to rerecord was some of my questions.
P.S. It's at 3.00pm on Monday.

Antonia said...

Annie - thank you, the views really were wonderful at the time of year I was there. It was indeed fun to be Lynn's first guest.

Lynn - no, sadly not. I was in the office and we don't have sound on our computers so didn't have any way of listening in! I shall change the time on the post and direct people to the podcast once its up.

Trekkie said...

It'll also be repeated on Friday at 3.00pm

Margaret said...

I tuned in and was very impressed with the quality of the questions and answers. Lynn is a very good interviewer and definitely seems to have a gift for putting others at ease. Congratulations to both of you!

Sam said...

I wish I'd heard it. Oh well I'll look forward to the podcast!

Rosie said...

Hi Antonia, what gorgeous photos! Congrats on being the first guest -I wish I had heard it too.

Rosie x