Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baking with my nephew and a couple of lovely awards

There seems to be a lot going on at Food, Glorious Food! I've got lots to tell you about and lots to catch up on. Firstly, I'm pleased to say that my
blogging by mail parcel arrived in San Francisco. The parcel went to Bonnie at Kumquat Connection. What a great blog this is - Bonnie and her friend Leigh live miles apart yet connect each week over a common ingredient. What a terrific way to keep in touch!

Next to tell you is about the fun I had with my two littlest nephews when my mother and I went to look after them a couple of weekends ago. Aged two and one, they really are adorable! The older one took quite an interest in the goings on it the kitchen. Not only did he climb onto his chair to 'help' my mother making Shepherds' Pie, but he also enjoyed baking some cupcakes with his Auntie.

He is nearly three, but I was really amazed how focused he remained throughout the process and how much he enjoyed getting involved. He helped to pour ingredients into the scales and then loved pressing the button to cream the butter and sugar in the food processor. He laid all the paper cases into the muffin tray and kept a close eye whilst they were cooking in the oven. Perhaps we overdid the baking powder - they looked like mini volcanoes when they came out....

He was very enthusiastic with making the icing and refused to let me help. This was not ideal but at least he was determined!

His favourite part though, was decorating the cakes with little sugar decorations that I'd bought. And then deciding who would get which one. His favourites were the frogs. I rather preferred the elephants. It was such fun and just shows that you are never too young to get involved in the kitchen. He was so proud when we'd finished and couldn't wait to show them off to his parents when they returned from their weekend away.

Next thing to tell you is that I've been lucky enough to be given not one, but two lovely blogging awards. I am really so touched and only so sorry that its taken so long to get round to passing them on. Thank you, thank you!

Firstly, Sam over at
Antics of a cycling chef thought fit to pass on the 'E for Excellent' award. Sam hasn't been blogging all that long but already his blog is a favourite of mine.

I'd like to pass this on to...

Bonnie to
Kumquat Connection

Secondly, the lovely Lucy at
Teen Baker gave me the very lovely 'I love your blog' award. Lucy's blog is packed full of gorgeously tempting cakes and treats - I'd love a slice of any one of them.

I'm passing this on to...

Katie at
Apple and Spice
Just so many tempting bakes and cakes.

Sylvie at
A Pot of Tea and a Biscuit
Such a stylish blog with gorgeous photos and tempting recipes.

Margaret at
Kitchen Delights
I've been enjoying the delights from Margaret's kitchen across the web since I started blogging - her blog has long been a favourite!

Rosie at
Rosie bakes a Peace of Cake
A prolific and superb baker who is a wonderfully encouraging member of the food blogging community.


Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi anatonio
nice cupcakes...first time on your blog and loved your work.

Loving Annie said...

Those cupcakes are adorable ! Glad that your older newphew had so much fun baking them with you. Three years old is perfect to get started in the kitchen - nice decorating job on his part :)

And congratulations on your two awards !

Katie said...

Your nephew appears to be a budding young chef in the making. It looks as though he had a wonderful time.

Thanks so much for the award, its made my day :)

Margaret said...

Thank you so much for the award Antonia - how very thoughtful of you to pass it on to me!
Love the decorated cupcakes - it's a real joy to bake with small children. said...

These are really cute, I love the decorations.

nicisme said...

Oh, he's cute! Love the way you decorated those delicious looking cakes!
Coongrats on the awards - well deserved.

Lucy said...

Those cupcakes look yummyyy!! Glad you liked the award :)

Sam said...

Nice cupcakes, your nephew did a great job!

Rosie said...

Hi Antonia, oh what a lovely post to read of your nephew in the kitchen baking - he's going to be a fine chef/cook learning from your mum and yourself!! I adore the cupcakes they are SO beautiful.

Congratulations on your awards well deserved!! Many thanks for the award too ~ I have a huge smile on my face and you've just made my day :)

Rosie x

kang said...

congrats on your awards... and also very lovely cupcakes :D

first time on your blog so i'm surfing around now :D

Peter M said...

Your nephew will thank you when older and upon realization that he became a food enthusiast because of times like these spent with you in the kitchen.

Jeanne said...

Well-deserved awards Antonia - and oooh, volcanic cupcakes ;-) Nothing like that description to bring out the kid in me :)

Kevin said...

Those cupcakes look good!

Grace said...

great teamwork. i love it when kids are more competent in the kitchen than many adults i know. :)
congrats on your much-deserved awards. :)

Antonia said...

Anamika - thank you so much for visiting!

Annie - I was amazed how long he was able to concentrate on the job. It was great and such fun for him to decorate them all himself.

Katie - you are so welcome!

Margaret - so glad you are pleased with the award. I had a lovely time with my nephew and can't wait to cook with him again.

Ginger - the decorations were cute but they didn't taste that good, I have to be honest! He loved them though so I guess that's all that matters.

Nic - all credit for the decoration goes to my nephew! He did a good job for his first time (...and I just about managed not to interfere or move the decorations to the centre!)

Lucy - thank you again for the lovely award!

Sam - he certainly did. The cakes tasted good too, so that was good!

Rosie - thank you so much and your award is very well deserved!

Kang - welcome! thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed looking around.

Peter - I hope he remains as keen in the kitchen as he is now. A great thing to be able to share together.

Jeanne - I had to prevent myself from decorating them with 'lava' icing spilling down the sides!!

Grace - as you might guess, he was the one in charge, telling me what to do!

anudivya said...

Ha ha! Those sure do look like mountains waiting to erupt... if I make this, I am so keeping the amount of baking powder used. Makes for some good entertaining. :)