Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jamaican Crunch

One man is talking to another.
'Where is your wife?', says the first.
'She's gone to the West Indies'.
'No! She went of her own accord.'

Stick to the cooking, I hear you groan. This 'joke' is a favourite of my mother's. It is entirely appropriate therefore that she should have passed on a recipe with 'Jamaica' in the title. My mother is a constant source of inspiration in many areas of my life. No more so than in the kitchen. Aren't the best recipes those that remind you of growing up?

As with many of the things I cook, this is a dream to prepare. It can be made in 10 minutes flat (plus chilling time) yet looks and tastes far more labour intensive! Me, a cheat? Absolutely! Do give this a go - it is hard to describe how good it is. It has something in common with a Key Lime Pie (though lemony, you could probably make it with lime instead). I think it needs no augmentation, but I have been known to serve it with a few raspberries. I have also seen some pour cream over the top (though this seems a little unnecessary to me).

Ingredients (serves 4 - 6)

1 packet of ginger nuts

2 oz butter

1/2 pint double cream

1 standard sized tin of condensed milk (see notes)

Rind and juice of 4 medium lemons

1. Crush ginger nuts - either place in freezer bag and bash with a rolling pin, or blitz in a food processor.

2. Melt butter and mix with crushed ginger nuts. Mould into a 7 or 8 inch flan base.

3. Beat cream until slightly thickened. Add condensed milk.

4. Grate lemon rind and add to mixture with lemon juice. Mix together well and pour into base.

5. Cover with cling film and set in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Notes - the original recipe states 'one small tin of condensed milk', quarter of a pint of cream and two lemons. I have not seen the small tins of condensed milk for years so use what seems to be the standard (or large) size. I have altered the recipe accordingly but find that the quantities of the base mixture remain the same.


Margaret said...

I've eaten this before - but never with this recipe title.
I think condensed milk is 'in' at the moment, everyone seems to be using it!
The pretty tin makes it look even more tempting.

Trekkie said...

I'm wondering if maple syrup instead of the lemon would go well. I'll report back if I do it.

Pixie said...

This looks to die for. Yummy!

Antonia said...

Margaret - I'm not sure where the name came from. Glad you like the tin!

Trekkie - I'm not sure about maple syrup - it might be a little too sweet. But do let me know - I love the flavour of maple syrup and shall be interested to hear the results.

Pixie - thank you. It is delicious!

Rosie said...

WOW this DOES look delicious and one wicked bake!!

BTW I have tagged you on my Blog :)


Rosie x

Antonia said...

Rosie - yes it is a little bit naughty! But oh so good. Thank you for tagging me - I look forward to taking party when I have a spare moment.

jills10uk said...

I came across your food blog and have enjoyed reading it from the start. i made this yesterday for my family sunday dinner and it went down a treat!! there isn't even a bit left over for me to have tonight!!!!

Antonia said...

jills10uk - Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am so glad that you liked this recipe. Lucky you having some left over for tonight - I wish I had a little slice left over in the fridge!

Helen's Tropical-Exotics said...

This looks great.