Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane...

I am so excited that I feel I may just pop at any given moment. You see, tomorrow evening I shall, in the immortal words of John Denver (!), be 'leaving on a jet plane' for a serious holiday. It has been some time since I last took a long-haul holiday, hence the total over-excitement.

Destination: South Africa.

Two long weekends in Cape Town, four days up in Franschhoek/Stellenbosch, one day trying to spot whales down in Hermanus and lots of wonderful food and wine. It should be a fairly fabulous trip. Hard to say which bits I am most looking forward to, but I think staying here should be fairly great. Total, sheer luxurious indulgence. Though I sense we maybe the only non-honeymooners!

Of course, this does mean time away from the blog. Do check back though on the 23rd October when I shall be back in the kitchen and posting about my (hopefully wonderful) South African food experiences. I hope the next fortnight is full of delicious things for you all!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so envious! Especially with this hideous rain today. I spent two weeks in Cape Town in December last year and it was absoultely brilliant. Franschoek was beautiful, you'll love it.

Have a wonderful time!

Trekkie said...

You lucky £$%&^*, err I mean, you lucky so and so.
Have a fab time.

Antonia said...

Thanks to you both. I am having a fabulous time so far - the weather has been great and the food... Oh it is fantastic!

Rosie said...

Have a great time antonia!!
Gosh I'm also very envious, it all sounds wonderful and you must let us know about the food and places you visited on your return :)

Rosie x