Thursday, January 10, 2008

Smoked trout with rosti potatoes and horseradish cream

Do you remember Timmy Mallet's word association game 'Mallet's Mallet'? I play this game in my mind regularly when it comes to food. Just mention 'lamb' to me and I think immediately of 'leeks' (must be my Welsh roots). Duck? Peas. Cod? Spinach. Pears? Almonds.

It is not that I have to have leeks with lamb - I had lamb chops on Monday in fact, smothered in harissa and served with sweet potatoes and survived unscathed - but, in my mind, the two compliment each other so well that I find it hard to serve one without the other. I try to head towards the green beans, but something draws me back to those leeks almost every time...

Smoked fish is another case in point. Just one whiff of the stuff launches me headfirst into the fridge, rummaging for horseradish. Brilliant combination whether it be smoked mackerel, trout or salmon, if you ask me.

In this dish, I've plunked for smoked trout. I prefer it to smoked salmon generally. Unless we are talking about really good, upmarket, expensive smoked salmon. I find a lot of smoked salmon to be rather lacking in flavour. You have to hunt around a bit, I think. Smoked trout tends to hit the spot more often for me. To enjoy at its best, take it out for the fridge around 15 minutes before you want to eat it. The chill from the fridge kills some of the flavour.

No proper 'recipe' on this occasion - that would seem somewhat pompous, I think. I am sure we are all capable of this easy assembly job. Perfect for lunch or a light supper. But would also make a great dinner party starter if served in a slightly smaller portion.

Smoked trout with rosti potatoes and horseradish cream

Coarsely grate peeled, waxy potatoes (enough to shape into one patty each per person). Place grated potato in a colander with a plate underneath and sprinkle with salt. Leave for 15 minutes. The excess moisture will be drawn out by the salt.

Meanwhile mix together creme fraiche and horseradish. You could grate fresh horseradish, but a little good sauce from a jar works fine. For every heaped tablespoon of creme fraiche, add a teaspoon of horseradish. Stir in some snipped chives and lots of ground black pepper.

Return to your potatoes and squeeze out the liquid in a clean tea towel. Shape into patties and fry on each side in a little oil and butter until golden and crispy (around 5 minutes each side).

Place the rosti on the plate and top with slices of smoked trout. Spoon over some of the creamy sauce and serve with salad (avocado is good) and a chunk of lemon or lime.


Mary Coleman said...

Oh that looks so good. What a perfect dinner. Great blog! Loved reading about your Christmas food.

Pixie said...

How are you able to make a girl want to eat all your Glorious Food at 8:30am? Everything looks great.

Happy cook said...

Just delicious.
For my christmas even dinner i did the same but instead of rosti i made potato pancaked.

Antonia said...

Mary - thank you. I did eat well at Christmas - lots of delicious goodies! Thank you for stopping by.

Pixie - glad I can tempt you so early in the morning!

Happy Cook - I bet it would be delicious with a potato pancake too. Thanks for stopping by!