Friday, January 25, 2008

Hot smoked salmon on toast - lunch at my desk

I am always on the look out for interesting lunch ideas for the week that take (almost) zero time to prepare. I leave home at 7am and so rarely feel in the mood for making anything in the morning. Equally, when I get home at night, it is supper and not tomorrow's lunch which occupies my mind. All too often I end up grabbing a sandwich from M&S at the station on the way to work. Fine, but hardly cost effective! And it tends to get a bit monotonous having sandwiches every day...

Mondays are usually good. Having had time at the weekend, I've generally managed to make something satisfying and nutritious to take with me on Monday morning. Fridays are the best though, as I work from home, which means that I can actually use some kitchen appliances to prepare myself something a little more... interesting. It still has to be speedy, of course. I am conscious that when working at home, I must be at my desk as much as possible and not taking advantage of the flexible arrangement I have been lucky enough to get.

Last Friday, I decided to make this tasty snack combining hot smoked salmon and cheese on toast. It was delicious, quick, easy and nutritious.

I flaked the hot smoked salmon into a bowl and added some creme fraiche, horseradish, snipped chives, finely chopped spring onions and freshly ground pepper.

Feeling reckless, I then decided to throw in some chopped avocado. I then preheated the grill to high and lightly toasted some brown bread on each side. Once toasted, I piled the salmon mixture onto the toast and topped with freshly grated Cheddar cheese.
I then grilled on high until the cheese was nicely melted and served with a tastily-dressed salad. Very delicious and all completed in around ten minutes. Perfect!
This would probably be good with smoked mackerel too - I might even mix a little Dijon mustard into the cheese for an added kick.


Rosie said...

Now this is what I call lunch at the desk!! Delicious Antonia I really wish I had this at my desk to eat ;)

Rosie x

Bellini Valli said...

I agree that this is a perfect and nutricious lunch. Lunch at work for me usually consists of leftovers...which I don't usually mind at all!!

David Hall said...

An inspiration for your lunch, great stuff! We make similar ones with tuna - a tuna cheese melt!Yours appears to be a bit posher than mine.


Antonia said...

Rosie - I get so bored of sandwiches at the desk for lunch, that it is nice to make something a little more interesting when I'm working at home!

bellini valli - I often have leftovers for lunch too. This made a nice change.

David - I love a tuna melt too. Delicious. The salmon made a nice change though!

Anonymous said...

That looks delicious Antonia! I've done something similar with a baked potato too, really tasty combination.