Tuesday, May 15, 2007

English Asparagus

Possibly the best thing about May (along with the two bank holidays and improving weather) is the fact that English asparagus is in season. I have yet to taste better and am invariably disappointed with out of season offerings and the thick, white asparagus that one finds readily 'on the continent' simply does not float my boat in the same way that the the beautifully vibrant green variety does. Incidentally, I spotted some purple asparagus in Marks and Spencer today... Must give it a try.

I've not much further to say about asparagus. Tonight I treated myself to an asparagus starter of the simplest kind. I love to roast fresh stems with a little olive oil and sea salt for around 15 minutes at 200C. Then I drizzle over a touch of balsamic vinegar and top with shavings of really good Parmesan. No balsamic vinegar? A squeeze of lemon juice always works a treat too. I prefer this simple dish to the more traditional hollandaise sauce, though perhaps this is because I am inherently lazy and favour the simple and speedy...

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