Friday, July 31, 2009

Bakewell Cake

It has been a very social fortnight with not one, but two big parties held at my flat. Though we haven't quite had the 'barbecue summer' we were promised, Mother Nature was kind enough to turn the taps off on the both occasions. The day of our engagement party was a little nerve-wracking. We were expecting around thirty for a barbecue in the garden. It poured on and off all morning and we spent the time setting things out and then racing out to bring them all in again. Fortunately, the afternoon was largely dry and we had a great day.

My cousin's hen party was a week later and we were even blessed with a few rays of sun - quite a bonus!

On both occasions, I'd been busy in the kitchen. The flower-sender did the barbecuing, but I did all the salads and a serious amount of baking. Strawberry cupcakes and chocolate brownies were popular, but my personal favourite was a deeply almondy Bakewell Cake. Like Bakewell tart, only in cake form. I made it for a friend whose birthday happened to fall on the day of our party and she seemed pretty chuffed with it. Of course, I gave the leftover cake to her to take home but I have to confess I was rather sorry to see it go. I think I'll have to bake it again soon.

As with so many of my favourite recipes, this came from BBC Good Food. I made a couple of adjustments though. I much prefer raspberry jam to cherry so filled it with this. I also chose to ice the cake so it looked more like my idea of a proper 'Bakewell tart'. Despite what the picture at the end of this post might lead you to believe, it was wonderfully moist and sticky in an amost marzipanny sort of way.

Bakewell Cake

Based on this recipe from BBC Good Food


200g butter, softened (plus extra for greasing)
200g golden caster sugar
100g ground almonds
100g self-raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp almond essence
4 large eggs, preferably free-range

1/2 jar good quality raspberry jam
175g icing sugar
approx 5 tsp lemon juice
5 glace cherries

1. Pre-heat oven to 180C. Grease and line the bases of 2 20cm round cake tins.

2. Using an electric mixer if you have one, cream together the butter and sugar until pale. Add the ground almonds and eggs, one by one. Fold in the flour and baking powder. Add almond essence and mix well until you have a smooth batter.

3. Spoon into the two tins (equally) and try to smooth the tops as best as possible.
Bake in the oven for around 30 minutes until the cakes are springy on top. DO NOT be tempted to open the oven to check on them until at least 25 minutes has passed!

4. When cooked, cool cakes in their tins for a few minutes before turning out onto wire racks to cool completely.

5. Once cool, sandwich together with the jam. Sieve the icing sugar into a large bowl and mix with the lemon juice until smooth and thick. Spread icing over top of cake - it doesn't matter if it drips down the sides a bit. Decorate with halved glace cherries.


Helen T said...

Sounds like a great recipe, I love almonds and am with you on the raspberry jam! Going to give that one a try!



Katiecakes said...

Yum! I love Bakewell Tarts so I bet the cake version is awesome!

Katie xox

Maria♥ said...

I love Bakewell Tart and it's great in cake form too. Your cake looks so delish! I made a Raspberry Bakewell Cake today too.


diva said...

i was just bouncing about food blogs and found yours!! what a lovely cake. i do love bakewells x

Indigo said...

Ooh, I also saw this recipe! Yeah, I have a bit of a love affair with BBC Good Food.. ahem. Sounds absolutely fabulous.

C said...

Looks delicious and moist. I love raspberry jam too and it's easier to find than good cherry jam!

Sam said...

I saw this recipe a while ago and thought it sounded good, yours really does look delicious!

Jacqueline said...

That does sounds quite delicious Antonia and I too would go with the raspberry jam :)

Margaret said...

I have made this cake too many times now - but it's a firm favourite. Your version looks delicious.

Antonia said...

Helen - it really is good. Hope you give it a try!

Katie - I love bakewell tarts too. A real favourite.

Maria - how funny! Great minds think alike.

Diva - thank you and welcome!

India - I use their website all the time. It verges on the embarassing...

C - you are absolutely right. Really good cherry jam is hard to find.

Sam - it was scrumptious and wish I still had some left for a slice right now...

Jacqueline - I love the combination of raspberries with almonds so much that I simply had to go with the raspberry jam here.

Margaret - I knew I'd seen it somewhere before... It must have been on your blog! I couldn't remember. Well, I am sure that I'll be making it again and again too.