Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve is here. It has rather taken me by surprise. Despite being frightfully organised earlier in the month, two weeks with barely a night in means that half my presents are unwrapped, two haven't even arrived and I'm feeling rather... unready.

However, fortunately all seems under control on the food front. I'm down on the Isle of Wight with parents and family - as I drove off the ferry it was good to be greeted by Father Christmas. He's there every year, waving people off the ferry.

My journey was slightly disappointing due to the lack of Chris Rea on the radio. 'Driving Home for Christmas' is surely a must.

The turkey is happily sitting outside in Nigella's festive brine. True to her words, it does look rather lovely bobbing around with the spices and oranges. I'm quite excited about this method and will report back on how it turns out! My brother has been busy cracking jokes about how I should be wafting round in red silk nightwear and that my Domestic Goddess impression is just not up to scratch!

We've had our first slice of my mother's fantastic Christmas cake. She's decorated it beautifully, as you can see. A talent that I simply don't posses sadly.

We've made two types of stuffing - 'green' stuffing and a more traditional pork and sage and the potatoes and parsnips are peeled and ready.

We are about to sit down to a festive ham and then Christmas will truly have begun.

I'd like to wish all my kind readers a very Happy Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful and delicious time with plenty of food, glorious food!


Jules said...

I'll be interested to hear how the turkey works out. Quite a few bloggers seem to be trying Nigella's method this year.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Anne said...

Haha love the bauble, is perfect!!

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Nice travelogue
I would also like to wish you Merry Christmas and wonderful ushering into new year 2009.

Lucy said...

Nigella's recipe was on the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special and they all raved about it - I hope yours turned out delicious!

Peter M said...

I'm sure your turkey turned out wonderfully...brining it is the way to go!

nicisme said...

Merry Christmas, hope you had a wonderful day! Isn't it great to have the family altogether?

Reeni said...

Your cake looks so gorgeous! Happy Holidays!

Loving Annie said...

What a pretty post, Antonia !
You made Christmas lovely for my eyes with that :)

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, succesful, upcoming New Year 2009 to you. With much delicious dining ahead :)

Loving Annie

Joy said...

Happy New Year Antonia! I hope you had a fabulous break on the Island.