Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Apologies for the long break between posts, folks. Things at Food, Glorious Food central are not quite as they should be. I've been struck down with some horrible bug which means that I've eaten not a thing (bar one slice of marmite toast) since Sunday. Not fun. And certainly not conducive to food blogging.

Actually, I have a whole backlog of delicious things to post but, as it is, I can't even face looking at pictures of food. Hope to be back to resume normal service before long.

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy these gingerbread men - they went into the party bags at my nephew's 1st birthday party and naming ceremony which took place last weekend.

Don't forget: There is still plenty of time to think up a great entry for my exciting blogging event
'The British Food Fortnight Challenge'. The details can be found in my previous post - I hope you have thinking caps on as I can't wait to see your entries!


Elra said...

Oh dear,
I hope that you'll feel better soon!

Sam said...

Sorry to hear you're so ill, I hope you get well soon.

On a positive note those gingerbread men are cool I would have loved to get one of those in a party-bag when I was younger!

Rosie said...

Oh dear Antonia I am so sorry to hear you are not well, I hope you are feeling better soon!!

Your gingerbread men are really cute - just love them :)

Rosie x said...

Oh no :( I hope you feel better soon, losing your appetite is a bit like losing a limb isn't it?

Very cool looking gingerbread men, well done!

Indigo said...

Aww, here's hoping you feel better soon Antonia!

And I love your gingerbread men, so cute!

Trekkie said...

I hope that you're feeling better soon. Have you been to the doc's? No food for so long can't be good for you.


Antonia said...

Thank you Elra - I'm definitely on the mend!

Sam - I know, I would have loved to receive one of those too. In fact, I was rather sorry that my sister didn't give me a party bag when I left!

Rosie - I have to confess that I didn't make the gingerbread men myself, I just thought they were too cute not to photograph.

Ginger - It is exactly like that. I have a fridge full of lovely food but I just don't feel like eating it!

Indigo - Can't take credit for the gingerbread men, sadly... Might try to re-create them soon though.

Thank you, Lynn. I'm starting to feel a bit better and have managed 2 bits of toast and half a bowl of soup, so should be back on my feet soon.

Maria said...

Antonia sorry to hear your unwell and hope you feel better soon!

Those gingerbread men are adorable ;o)


Margaret said...

Love the gingerbread men! So cute!
Hope you are feeling better now.