Monday, August 11, 2008

They may be small...

...but these are the best tasting tomatoes ever! Freshly picked from my garden - what could be better?

I'm away for the next couple of weeks, in France and then in Wales. I hope to check in occasionally, but will be back in full force on the 28th!


Beth said...

They look so cute. My tomatoes dies this year due to all the rain we've been having! said...

Well done! I hope you still have some left when you return.

Have a great trip.


Rosie said...

Oh what joy to grow and eat fresh picked toms - they really look ripe and juicy!!

Have a great holiday in France and looking forward to hearing all it on your return :)

Rosie x

Sylvie said...

Enjoy your trips!

Margaret said...

They look wonderful! Well done Antonia.
I can't stop smelling freshly picked tomatoes.

Maria said...

Awe those tomatoes are so cute!

Have a lovely time away ;o)


Antonia said...

Beth - I only had a small crop. They taste really good but are quite acidic due to the lack of sun!

Ginger - I've come home to discover a fair few remaining so that is good.

Rosie - homegrown always tastes better, doesn't it? Thank you for the holiday wishes - I had a super time thank you.

Sylvie - thank you, I did!

Margaret - I know. The smell is almost the best thing about them!

Maria - they really are mini! Luckily there are a few which grew a little bigger.

nicisme said...

I picked a grand total of 3 tomatoes so far! Aren't they the best though?
Enjoy your hols!

nicisme said...

Ooops! You're actually back from your hols, sorry - must not get ahead of myself, lol!